Expert’s reports

Expertise facilitates the work of lawyers and Courts in Expert and Insolvency Matters.

Expert’s reports

We provide expert’s reports and perform bankruptcy proceedings throughout Spanish territory.

We provide professional technical services for Spanish court requirements as we belong to the courts’ lists of professionals. We also provide such services to lawyers to strengthen their position at court. In addition, we take care of all kinds of expert’s reports in economic, financial and real estate matters. We carry out feasibility analyses, write the corresponding reports and defend you in the courts.

One piece of evidence is worth a thousand words.

One of the main areas of interest of our multilingual law firm in Marbella is in the preparation of expert’s reports. The importance of this department is easily found as the name of our company, Pericia, originates from the concept of Pericia in Spanish, which we apply in our professional activity.

 According to the Royal Spanish Academy, Pericia is the ability to solve successfully, quickly and easily something that involves certain difficulties.

When successful solutions to a problem are laid down in a written document, we are dealing with an expert’s report. This document is the first line of defence of the client before any claim from third parties regarding acts performed by them, hence its huge importance in any branch of law.

An expert’s report is a formal document prepared by an expert who gives a technical opinion based on any question that arises during litigation.

In any operation with economic significance there will always be questions or problems of interpretation between the parties involved which must be resolved to reach an agreement. Specialized experts are responsible for studying the issue and presenting their technical assessment.

These reports or expert’s opinions constitute a means of evidence that the parties can use to solve a problem.

Pericia Lawyers and Economists in Spain are experts in drafting any kind of expert’s reports for economic, tax and real estate matters.

We perform feasibility analyses, draw up the reports and defend the client against any third party, whether it is another individual, a company, a public authority or a court of justice.

In addition to lawyers and economists that belong to their corresponding professional organization, our team has a real estate agent (API), a professional legally authorized by the public administration, who is recognized by means of a specific title and professional statute and has the necessary training to exercise their functions. They seek the fulfilment of legality in real estate transactions in Spain.

One of the real estate agent’s functions is to carry out property valuation reports, on Spanish properties only which may be used in, among others, review procedures executed by the public administrations.

Expert’s reports are most commonly needed to defend the claim of an individual or company against third parties in legal proceedings.

However, the request of such a report should not be limited to that specific case. Cases can be very varied and particular. We could highlight among others:

Reports on the fiscal regime of an operation with economic importance:

  • Business valuation report.
  • Report to calculate loss of earnings.
  • Report on floor clause.
  • Report on the most advisable application of tax regulations.
  • Report on business viability.
  • Report on administrative settlements issued by the State Treasury.

Reports on the market value of a property in Spain

  • Report on housing market price assessment.
  • Report on the calculation of the market price of the rental of a property.

We are specialists:

Economic expert’s reports

An analysis of the economic reality of the company, or any other aspect thereof, providing details and conclusions on the matter of discussion.

Fisca expert’s reports

Tax reports, clarifying the terms of application for a specific operation.

Accounting expert’s reports

Accounting analyses and detailed information on any aspect of business or professional accounting.

Financial expert’s reports

Analyses of financial conditions to determine the correct application for financing.

Do not hesitate to contact one of the professionals of our English speaking law firm in Spain and team of economists in Marbella.

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