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We carry out our professional work throughout Spanish territory. You can find us at our offices in Marbella.

Avd. Ricardo Soriano 12 5ºA - 29601 Marbella

C/ Marqués del Duero, nº 67 1ºB 29670 - San Pedro Alcántara. Marbella

C/Ntra. Sra. De Gracia, Nº4, 1-3 -29602 Marbella

Why choose Pericia Lawyers and Economists in Marbella?

Pericia is a limited professional company, whose partners are all professionals with two academic degrees as lawyers and economists. They each have their own professional offices where they perform their professional activity.

In these individual offices, said professionals attend to the daily needs of their clients in an effective and reliable manner, advising them on the tax, fiscal and legal matters for which they have been hired. Each has more than 20 years’ experience.

However, from our own experience, and due to the enormous complexity of Spanish tax regulations and the increase in the collection activity of the Spanish government, it has become more and more difficult to resolve certain cases or inquiries. Such situations therefore demand a very detailed study of the case.


Pericia lawyers and economists in Marbella has been created to meet the needs of those clients who, due to the complexity or special circumstance of their cases, require a more rigorous examination by a team specialized in each specific area.

For example, imagine you go to your trusted family doctor for a problem that does not initially seem that important. Your doctor begins to do tests and realizes due to his or her experience that the problem is actually not that small or unimportant, and so refers you to a specialized centre whose equipment and professionals are more competent to address that “small pain”.

We have directly witnessed and experienced an increase in this type of situation in all branches of economic activity.

PERICIA was born to satisfy the needs of its partners in how they managed their work in their individual offices. The aim of the firm is to provide the best solution to problems or inquiries with certain legal or fiscal complexity, so clients can be sure that every case will be reviewed, analysed and resolved by a multidisciplinary team of experts in legal and tax advice.

At PERICIA, lawyers and economists in Marbella, our partners are very specialized in Spanish tax, accounting and mercantile matters, essential for any company that wants to have legal security in those commercial operations which do not form part of their daily management.

On numerous occasions, we have observed that commercial operations have been carried out in Spain without the best fiscal option having been examined, and in the end, companies have paid more to the tax office than they would have if the case had been studied thoroughly by experts.

In addition to the fact that our partners are highly specialized in these matters, PERICIA lawyers and economists has also signed collaboration agreements with other partners specialized in CIVIL, ADMINISTRATIVE AND LABOUR matters in order to give you the best solution to those “small pains” or “small health problems”, whatever the field.

If you are NOT RESIDENT in Spain and you believe that your “health problem” cannot be understood properly because we do not speak your language, you can be sure that PERICIA lawyers and economists will understand you in one of the following languages: Spanish, English and Dutch.

If you want a specific and highly qualified follow-up of your “small or big health problem”, do not hesitate to trust in PERICIA lawyers and economists in Spain. 

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