Commercial Law in Spain

Pericia has a team specialized in advising on corporate law and commercial law. We are experts in advising modern companies in all phases of their social life.

Commercial Law / Corporate Law in Spain:

Our Commercial and Corporate Law Department has professionals who are highly qualified in counselling companies and entrepreneurs and who offer comprehensive advice in this area of Spanish law.

The professionals of Pericia Lawyers and Economists in Spain have wide-ranging experience in advising on any kind of transactions that may take place at a company at corporate level, including incorporations of companies, mergers, takeovers, liquidations or tax returns during the different phases a company may go through.

Likewise, the professionals of Pericia are experts in the procedural aspects of commercial law in Spain, finding creative, tailored solutions to problems such as challenging corporate decisions and corporate conflicts.

One of the specialized areas of commercial and corporate law in which we have expertise and experience is Spanish family business. As lawyers and economists of family businesses, we consider it necessary to always be able to reach agreements and understandings between all partners in order to protect the company and thus promote generational company succession.

Our department has far-reaching experience in the ​​structural modifications of companies (mergers, divisions) and in counselling on issues such as the responsibility of administrators and general corporate operations such as changes in the bylaws and distribution of dividends.

Likewise, we offer advice on contracts and supervision of the purchase and sale of companies and corporate shares.

We are specialized in the analysis and supervision of the feasibility of projects and business solvency, as well as in bankruptcy proceedings, and each of the members of the Pericia group are or have been bankruptcy receivers.

This department relies on experts in advising modern companies on any of the phases a company may go through.

Win Pericia Abogados

The most requested procedures by our clients in this matter are:

  • Constitution of trade companies in Spain
  • Negotiation and formalization of shareholder agreements.
  • Transformations of commercial companies.
  • Corporate restructuring operations.
  • Corporate operations in general.
  • Counselling to the Board of Directors.
  • Preparation of General Shareholders' Meetings.
  • Challenging corporate decisions.
  • Drafting, negotiation and signing of contracts for the sales of shares and the constitution of real rights over the same.
  • Company liquidation processes.
  • Due diligence.
  • Family protocol.
  • Drafting of para-corporate agreements (partner agreements).
  • Bankruptcy receivership.
  • Bankruptcy receivership.

Bankruptcy law in Spain

Our multidisciplinary team can advise you on the necessary actions during the phases prior to the creditor’s meeting as well as those that originate during the company liquidation process itself. The proven experience of the members of Pericia Lawyers and Economists in bankruptcy procedures and advising clients from different business sectors allows us to address these delicate matters naturally and swiftly.

As a debtor's adviser

  • Advice on the pre-bankruptcy phase regarding negotiations with creditors, refinancing, restructuring, etc.
  • Preparation and negotiation of the preliminary agreement of creditors.
  • Prior negotiation with public administrations.
  • Workforce adjustment plan.
  • Legal direction of the insolvent company, both in the common phase and liquidation.
  • Challenge of credits.
  • Defence in case of rescissory actions.

As a creditor’s adviser

  • Negotiation of the preliminary agreement with the debtor.
  • Communication and defence of the credit.
  • Execution of real guarantees.
  • Actions of administrative disciplinary responsibility against corporate directors and bankruptcy receivers.

As a bankruptcy receiver

  • Workforce adjustment plan.
  • Drawing up of compulsory provisional and definitive reports.
  • Liquidation if that is the case.
  • Exercising rescissory actions.
  • Actions of responsibility of the corporate directors.
  • Qualification of the bankruptcy.

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